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Step 18 – High Security Deadbolt Lock for DIN & Modular Fire Compliant

The STEP 18 is a high security deadbolt strike that is capable of working with Modular, Evolution and DIN lock case styles.

The STEP 18  is perfect for applications that require the security and strength of a deadbolt but also the flexibility of access control or fire alarm integration.


The Step 18 will allow unlocking from a control unit even if the door exerts pressure against the strikes with up to 5kN before the opening signal is given. This means that the door can maintain its original gaskets for protection against noise and dust and there is no need to pull the door towards you before opening.


Step electric strike-plates have two micro switches: the bolt contact detects when the door is closed with the hook bolt, and the barrier contact detects when the strike-plate is locked.


In an attack the Step 18 can withstand forces up to 15K Nm and is equiped with anti hammer technology so that the solenoid cannot be manipulated to gain entry.

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